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There's a demo using food.net's DNS that we did at work as part of an all nighter fun hackday. To try it, be inside the CBSi firewall. Then open a browser. Type in any random food-related word in the location bar and add in ".food.net:8000".


Solr: Soup to Nuts
In 2005 and 2006, CNET created and began it's effort to open source Solr, a high-relevancy enterprise search system built on top of the Lucene search library. It is now late 2009 and Solr is widely embraced, feature-rich, and the leader in open source enterprise search.

This talk discusses Solr as a product, why it was made open source, how that came to be, and how it can be used.


MySQL in an Enterprise Search Architecture
In 2004, CNET's enterprise search system was discontinued by its vendor. We were forced to put together a system that doesn't crash, handles its own content replication, is more transparent, produces more relevant results, uses modern open standards, and comes with upgrades. And it wasn't a $3MM capital expense. We call this particular search system, "ATOMICS"--Apache TO MySQL In CNET Search. It is made up of open components, open specifications, and in-house interface code.

This talk tackles ATOMICS in three parts: economics, architecture, and what it can do.


Not Open
Food.net is not available for use. Thank you for visiting.

Aug-14-2007: Food.net is not for sale and has not been for sale. An individual attempted to hijack the domain name, sometimes acting as me, and quickly sell it directly and through sedo.com. Network Solutions automatically detected the activity and a freeze was put on the account. sedo.com has not returned numerous emails.



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